Material Database

What would we be without material tables?

This is the documentation page for the Item Price module. You'll find here everything you need to understand how to use our application.

1. Introduction

This Module is an attempt to create something that'll help many engineers and buyers all around the world. It's easy to find in the internet sites that show the pricing list for retail items, like not ebook and refrigerator. Try find something similar for industrial itens, you won't. I mean, you may find some sites from distributor that are willing to show their prices, but that isn't enough.

What we are proposing is quite simple: let make pricing something easy to know. Why hide it from the world? We don't want to have to send 3 e-mails, do 5 calls, wait 2 weeks for a quotation. We are in the internet era, it should be easier for everyone to get access for information.

2. Sending Quotations

Every user can send quotation just by clicking in the Add Quotation in the Item Detail page and filling the form with the quotation information.

For now, only Administrators can create new itens in the Item Price page. We are working to develop a way to let regular users create items as well.