Gasket Database

Taken On the Fly!

This is the list of gasket material available to be used in the projects. The list came from Taken On the Fly!. Please, see the Documentation page for more information.

ID Description Manufacturer Ratio M Gasket Stress Y
1Self energizing type (orings, elastomers, etc)ASME0.000.00
2Elastomer without fabric or high % of mineral fiber < 75A Shore durometerASME0.500.00
3Elastomer without fabric or high % of mineral fiber > 75A Shore durometerASME1.00200.00
4Mineral fiber with suitable binder (CAF) 1/8 inchASME2.001600.00
5Mineral fiber with suitable binder (CAF) 1/16 inchASME2.753700.00
6Mineral fiber with suitable binder (CAF) 1/32 inchASME3.756500.00
7Elastomers with cotton fabric insertionASME1.25400.00
8Elastomers with fiber fabric insertion 3-plyASME2.252200.00
9Elastomers with fiber fabric insertion 2-plyASME2.502900.00
10Elastomers with fiber fabric insertion 1-plyASME2.753700.00
11Vegetable fiberASME1.751100.00
12Spiral wound metal, fiber filled: carbonASME2.5010000.00
13Spiral wound metal, Monel and Nickel-base alloysASME3.0010000.00
14Corrugated metal, fiber inserted, or corr. (MJAF) Soft aluminumASME2.502900.00
15Corrugated metal, fiber inserted, or corr. (MJAF) Soft copper or brassASME2.753700.00
16Corrugated metal, fiber inserted, or corr. (MJAF) Iron of soft steelASME3.004500.00
17Corrugated metal, fiber inserted, or corr. (MJAF) Monel of 4%-6% chromeASME3.255500.00
18Corrugated metal, fiber inserted, or corr. (MJAF) S/S and Nickel-baseASME3.506500.00
19Corrugated metal: Soft aluminumASME2.753700.00
20Corrugated metal: Soft copper or brassASME3.004500.00
21Corrugated metal: Iron or soft steelASME3.255500.00
22Corrugated metal: Monel 4%-6% chromeASME3.506500.00
23Corrugated metal: S/S and nickel-baseASME3.757600.00
24Flat metal, jacketed mineral fiber filled: Soft aluminumASME3.255500.00
25Flat metal, jacketed mineral fiber filled: Soft copper or brassASME3.506500.00
26Flat metal, jacketed mineral fiber filled: Iron or soft steelASME3.757600.00
27Flat metal, jacketed mineral fiber filled: MonelASME3.508000.00
28Flat metal, jacketed mineral fiber filled: 4%-6% chromeASME3.759000.00
29Flat metal, jacketed mineral fiber filled: S/S and nickel-baseASME3.759000.00
30Grooved metal: Soft aluminumASME3.255500.00
31Grooved metal: Soft copper or brassASME3.506500.00
32Grooved metal: Iron or soft steelASME3.757600.00
33Grooved metal: Monel or 4%-6% chromeASME3.759000.00
34Grooved metal: S/S and nickel-baseASME4.2510100.00
35Solid flat metal: Soft aluminumASME4.008800.00
36Solid flat metal: Soft copper or brassASME4.7513000.00
37Solid flat metal: Iron or soft steelASME5.5018000.00
38Solid flat metal: Monel or 4%-6% chromeASME6.0021800.00
39Solid flat metal: S/S and nickel-baseASME6.5026000.00
40Ring joint: Iron or soft steelASME5.5018000.00
41Ring joint: Monel or 4%-6% chromeASME6.0021800.00
42Ring joint: S/S and nickel-baseASME6.5026000.00
43CG, CGI, R, RIR, Spiral wound gasketsFlexitallic3.0010000.00
44CG-RJ, CGI-RJ, Spiral wound ring gasketsFlexitallic3.0010000.00
45HE-CGI, HE-CG, Spiral wound gaskets for heat exchangersFlexitallic3.0010000.00
46Spiral wound styles M, MC and MCS for boiler manhole assembliesFlexitallic3.0010000.00
47Spiral wound style T for boiler handhole and tubecap assembliesFlexitallic3.0010000.00
48Baker gasket for HF acid & hazardous chemical applicationsFlexitallic3.0010000.00
49LS, LSI, Spiral wound low stress gasketsFlexitallic3.005000.00
50Thermiculite 715: Coreless sheet, 1/16 inch thick (high temperature applications)Flexitallic3.004200.00
51Thermiculite 735: Spiral wound filler (high temperature)Flexitallic3.0010000.00
52Thermiculite 815: Tanged sheet, 1/16 inch thick (high temperature applications)Flexitallic2.002500.00
53Thermiculite 835: Spiral wound filler (high temperature)Flexitallic3.0010000.00
54Thermiculite 845: Flexpro (Kammprofile) facing (high temperature)Flexitallic2.002500.00
55Sigma 500, PTFE gasket: PTFE, glass microspheres, 1/32 inch thickFlexitallic1.401885.00
56Sigma 511, PTFE gasket: PTFE, silica, 1/32 inch thickFlexitallic1.402320.00
57Sigma 522, PTFE gasklet: PTFE, barium sulfate, 1/16 inch thickFlexitallic1.401885.00
58Sigma 533, PTFE gasket: PTFE, barium sulfate, 1/32 inch thickFlexitallic1.402320.00
59Sigma 588, PTFE gasket: PTFE, 1/16 inch thickFlexitallic1.401595.00
60Sigma 599, PTFE gasket: PTFE, glass microspheres, 1/16 inch thickFlexitallic1.401885.00
61Sigma 600, PTFE gasket: PTFE, 1/32 inch thickFlexitallic1.401595.00
62SF 2401, compressed fiber sheet gaskets: Synthetic, NBRFlexitallic3.202900.00
63SF 2420, compressed fiber sheet gaskets: Synthetic, SBRFlexitallic3.202900.00
64SF 3300, compressed fiber sheet gaskets: Aramid, glass, NBRFlexitallic3.703335.00
65SF 3500, compressed fiber sheet gaskets: Aramid, glass, NBRFlexitallic3.703335.00
66SF 5000, compressed fiber sheet gaskets: Carbon, aramid, NBRFlexitallic3.703335.00
67Flexicarb NB, compressed fiber sheet gasketsFlexitallic2.00900.00
68Flexicarb SR, compressed fiber sheet gaskets: Graphite, flat 316SS coreFlexitallic2.00900.00
69Flexicarb ST, compressed fiber sheet gaskets: Graphite, tanged 316SS coreFlexitallic2.002500.00
70Flexpro (Kammprofile), facing material: Flexicarb flexible graphiteFlexitallic2.002500.00
71Flexpro (Kammprofile), facing material: PTFEFlexitallic2.002500.00
72Flexpro (Kammprofile), facing material: Soft materialsFlexitallic2.002500.00
73MRG (Metal Reinforced Gasket) gasketFlexitallic2.002500.00
74RTJ (Ring Type Joints), iron or soft steelFlexitallic5.5018000.00
75RTJ (Ring Type Joints), Monel or 4%-6% chromeFlexitallic6.0021800.00
76RTJ (Ring Type Joints), stainless steel or nickel based alloysFlexitallic6.5026000.00
77Lamons SpiralSeal (W, WR, WRI-HTG) (Spiral Wound)Lamons3.0010000.00
78Lamons SpiralSeal WRI-LP (Spiral wound, low compression with corrosion protection)Lamons3.005000.00
79Lamons SpiralSeal WRI-LC (Spiral wound, low compression)Lamons3.005000.00
80Lamons Kammpro (LP-1, LP-2, LP-3) (Kammprofile)Lamons2.753700.00
81Lamons Kammpro-ORJ, Kammpro-HTG (Kammprofile)Lamons2.753700.00
82Lamons CMG (Corrugated Metal Gasket with graphite layer)Lamons2.753700.00
83Lamons CMGT (Corrugated Metal Gasket with graphite layers and PTFE inner ring)Lamons2.753700.00
84Lamons CMG-EX (Corrugated Metal Gasket for thermal fluctuations)Lamons2.753700.00
85Lamons CMG-PTFE (Corrugated Metal Gasket with PTFE layers)Lamons2.752500.00
86Lamons LG-SS (Metal Reinforced Flexible Graphite)Lamons2.00900.00
87Lamons LG-TC (Metal Reinforced Flexible Graphite with tanged insert)Lamons2.002500.00
88Garlock compressed non-asbestos 700Lamons4.002500.00
89Garlock compressed non-asbestos 2550 1/16 & underGarlock4.001800.00
90Garlock compressed non-asbestos 2550 1/8Garlock7.003500.00
91Garlock compressed non-asbestos 2900 1/16 & underGarlock10.005000.00
92Garlock compressed non-asbestos 2900 1/8Garlock24.007000.00
93Garlock compressed non-asbestos 2930 1/16 & underGarlock6.004500.00
94Garlock compressed non-asbestos 2950 1/16 & underGarlock4.503000.00
95Garlock compressed non-asbestos 2950 1/8Garlock7.004000.00
96Garlock compressed non-asbestos 3000 1/16 & underGarlock4.203050.00
97Garlock compressed non-asbestos 3000 1/8Garlock5.204400.00
98Garlock compressed non-asbestos 3200/3400 1/16 & underGarlock3.502100.00
99Garlock compressed non-asbestos 3000/3400 1/8Garlock6.603000.00
100Garlock compressed non-asbestos 3300 1/16 & underGarlock2.103050.00
101Garlock compressed non-asbestos 3300 1/8Garlock4.003500.00
102Garlock compressed non-asbestos 3700 1/16 & underGarlock3.502800.00
103Garlock compressed non-asbestos 3700 1/8Garlock6.704200.00
104Garlock compressed non-asbestos 3760 1/16 & underGarlock8.102500.00
105Garlock compressed non-asbestos 3760 1/8Garlock7.402300.00
106Garlock compressed non-asbestos 3800 1/16 & underGarlock2.002000.00
107Garlock compressed non-asbestos CP-3900 1/16 & underGarlock1.501800.00
108Garlock compressed non-asbestos CP-3900 1/8Garlock1.503600.00
109Garlock compressed non-asbestos IFG-5500 1/16 & underGarlock6.602600.00
110Garlock compressed non-asbestos IFG-5500 1/8Garlock6.603300.00
111Garlock compressed non-asbestos IFG-5507 1/16 & underGarlock3.502400.00
112Garlock compressed non-asbestos IFG-5507 1/8Garlock5.503900.00
113Garlock compressed non-asbestos HTC-9800 1/16 & underGarlock3.502350.00
114Garlock compressed non-asbestos HTC-9800 1/8Garlock8.003200.00
115Garlock compressed non-asbestos HTC-9850 1/16 & underGarlock6.502500.00
116Garlock compressed non-asbestos HTC-9850 1/8Garlock8.002800.00
117Garlock compressed non-asbestos G-9900 1/16 & underGarlock4.504100.00
118Garlock compressed non-asbestos G-9900 1/8Garlock6.004100.00
119Garlock compressed non-asbestos ST-706 1/16 & underGarlock11.404800.00
120Garlock compressed non-asbestos ST-706 1/8Garlock22.006500.00
121Garlock Gylon Series Fawn 1/16 & underGarlock5.002750.00
122Garlock Gylon Series Fawn 1/8Garlock5.003500.00
123Garlock Gylon Series 3504 blue 1/16 & underGarlock3.001650.00
124Garlock Gylon Series 3504 blue 1/8, 3/16, 1/4Garlock2.503000.00
125Garlock Gylon Series 3510 off-white 1/16 & underGarlock2.002350.00
126Garlock Gylon Series 3510 off-white 1/8, 3/16, 1/4Garlock2.002500.00
127Garlock Gylon Series 3530 black 1/16 & underGarlock2.801650.00
128Garlock Gylon Series 3530 black 1/8, 3/16, 1/4Garlock2.001600.00
129Garlock Gylon Series 3540 1/16 & underGarlock3.001700.00
130Garlock Gylon Series 3540 1/8Garlock3.002200.00
131Garlock Gylon Series 3540 3/16Garlock2.002200.00
132Garlock Gylon Series 3540 1/4Garlock2.002500.00
133Garlock Gylon Series 3545 1/16 & underGarlock2.601500.00
134Garlock Gylon Series 3545 1/8Garlock2.002200.00
135Garlock Gylon Series 3545 3/16Garlock2.002200.00
136Garlock Gylon Series 3545 1/4Garlock7.003700.00
137Garlock Gylon Series 3545 1/8 (in envelope)Garlock2.00800.00
138Garlock Envelon Series 3565 1/16 & underGarlock2.801400.00
139Garlock Envelon Series 3565 1/8Garlock3.702300.00
140Garlock Envelon Series 3565 3/16Garlock5.502800.00
141Garlock Envelon Series 3565 1/4Garlock6.002800.00
142Garlock Envelon Series 3560 1/16 & underGarlock5.003500.00
143Garlock Envelon Series 3560 1/8Garlock5.004000.00
144Garlock Envelon Series 3561 1/16 & underGarlock5.003500.00
145Garlock Envelon Series 3561 1/8Garlock5.004000.00
146Garlock Gylogen2 3594 1/16 & underGarlock3.001650.00
147Garlock Gylogen2 3594 1/8Garlock3.002500.00
148Garlock PTFE 8764 1/16 & underGarlock3.001500.00
149Garlock PTFE 8764 1/8Garlock3.001700.00