Updated: 16/06/2020

This page was created to allow users to follow all the changes that are being made in the system. It's for now under alpha version, which means that it's under the first step of development. In this phase, we allow users to request features and report any bug/error that they may find.

We'll not show all the information regarding the application development as there are some of then that must be protected to avoid security branches and illegal copying of our system and database.

1. Features Wish List

The list below shows all the features ideas that came from us and from users and which we intend to implement someday (can be tomorrow, next month or next year). Those that we do not intend to implement goes to the Features That Will not Be Implemented list.

ID Module Feature Description Priority
1 Bolted Flange Include blind flange calculation Include support for blind flange calculation in the Bolted Flange module. High
2 Bolted Flange Include reverse flange calculation Include support for reverse flange calculation in the Bolted Flange module. High
3 All Modules Include 'Save as File' option Include a button in the 'input page' which let the user save the all the input information to a file and then load it if needed. Low
4 All Modules Include 'Load File' option Include a button to load all the input information previously saved to a file into the input page. See ID[3]. Low
5 Bolted Flange Dynamic flange drawing in the 'input page' Change the flange drawing according to user input (flange inside diameter, flange outside diameter, etc) Low
6 All Modules Non-ASME material database Create a database for non-asme material, which can be used for non-asme calculations (lifting lug, for example). Low
8 Bolted Flange Check the possibility to increase the drawing size (both in the 'input' and 'results' page) Apparently there are some space left in the page to increase the drawing size and also keep a good left and right margin. Low
10 Bolted Flange Show warnings in the 'results' page (like 'ID too close to OD', etc) Create a method to show warnings about the results in the 'results' page. Such warnings can even stop the calculation before it completes, to show to user what's wrong. Update: if the user insert his own values for bolting or materil properties, show a message in the 'results' page saying that those values came from the user input. Medium
11 Bolted Flange Include 'Flange Ring' calculation (maybe it's already implemented, check) When implementing 'Flange Ring', there are some options that need to be considerated: 'number of split rings' and 'weld leg at back of ring'. High
12 Bolted Flange Create a 'modal window' or a page to show flange figures/drawings Showing the flange figures/drawings to user can help them choose the correct flange type. Nowadays the user need to check in the ASME BPVC standard code to have a better understand of the flange types. Maybe it would be a good thing if the 'flange type' is choose by drawing instead of dropdown list. Low
13 Bolted Flange Include 'Specify External Loads' Check the possibility to include 'Specify External Loads' in the calculation. Medium
14 All Modules Create TEMA bolts database Create a database for TEMA bolts. Nowadays we only support NC and Metric bolts. Such type of bolts is used for heat exchangers (TEMA means 'Tubular Exchanger Manufacturers Association'). Low
15 Site Check the possibility to minimize the side menu as the Wordpress Administrator page Check if it's possible to minimize the side menu so only the items icon would appear, leaving a larger content area. Low
16 Bolted Flange Create a dynamic drawing for gasket Create a dynamic generated drawing, just as the one used to generate the flange drawing, for gasket. Showing both flanges and the gasket with 'real' dimensions in the middle. It may show only when the gasket tap is active and insite the gasket section in 'results' page. Low
17 All Modules Create an option to generate CAD drawings (2D, 3D) based in the user input/calculation Try to find some library (php/js) that would allow the generation of 2D drawings (DXF or DWG) and/or 3D models (STEP, IGES, etc) after calculation. The button can be placed in the 'results' page. Medium
18 Bolted Flange Include the option to let the application calculate the 'Design Temperature' and 'Design Pressure' The 'Design Temperature' and 'Design Pressure' would be calculated based in the 'Operating Temperature' and 'Operating Pressure'. Check ASME code for directives or books. Medium
19 Bolted Flange Check the possibility to implement 'Mating Flange Loads' Check if it's possible to implement 'Mating Flange Loads' in the calculation/equation. Medium
20 Bolted Flange Create dynamic or static drawing for 'Flange Face Sketch' Such image would help the user to choose the correct face sketch, as the only way to correct decide would be to access the ASME code. Low
21 All Module Create a 'Nameplate Generator' It's an idea for a new module. It could be better used if it generate 2D drawing. Low
22 All Module New module idea: 'Inspection Report' The user could use this module to help him during the product inspection. Low
23 Bolted Flange Include 'Compute Thickness Based on Flange Rigidity' Check the possibility to include the 'compute thickness based on flange ridigity' in the calculation/equation. High
24 Bolted Flange Include 'Use Full Flange Design Bolt Load' Check the possibility execute the calculation using full flange design bolt load (S * Ab). Need to update the equations file if implemented. High
24 Bolted Flange Check the possibility to include 'Full Gasket Option' and 'Partition Gasket' Check ASME directives and/or books to understand how such option would be implemented inside 'Gasket' tab and how it would reflect in the calculation/equations. Medium
34 User Acccount Allow user to upload the Company Logo The logo can be used in the results report and other documents. Low
36 All Modules Show the fields in the 'input page' without accordion/toggle style Make it possible to user to disable accordion/toggle style in the 'input page' Low
41 Bolted Flange Create the fields external pressure and external temperature Create two more fields (external pressure and temperature) and include it in the calculation. Such fields will be specially required when designing vacuum vessels. Medium
42 Bolted Flange Insert diameter sign (Ø) in the flange drawing inside DOCX Find a way to insert diameter sign in the drawing even though SVG does't allow special characters. Medium
43 Material Database Create a method to allow the user to add material to Material Database Only the user who created the material can see it. It'll avoid 'non-checked' material to be used by another users. Low
45 All Modules Combine DOCX from all modules into one Create a method to merge all the DOCX generated by module into one DOCX (report file) and make it available to download in the Project Management page. Low

2. Features Under Development

All the features that we are currently working on is shown in the list below. After completed, the feature go to the Features Already Implemented list.

ID Module Feature Description Progress
25 All Modules Export calculation report to PDF or DOC file Include a button in the 'results page' which let the user export the calculation report to a PDF or DOC file. Almost done. If you wan't to have a preview just download it . Last step to finish: include the 'input' information from results page into the DOCX. 90%
39 Bolted Flange Create the documentation for Bolted Flange module Documentation will help the user use the application without problem as everything will be explained there. Update #1: it's something that take time as we are still making changes in the module. 55%
13 Bolted Flange Include the option 'Apply Corrosion Allowance to Flange Thickness' Check if it's possible to include the option (checkbox) to apply corrosion allowance to flange thickness and it's implication in the calculation/equations. Update #1: checkbox included in the 'input' page. Now we need to include it in the calculations. 40%
37 Bolted Flange Let the user select what he want to show in the calculation report DOCX/PDF Some options that should be nice to let the user choose: display factors as table (only results, like in the results table) or no factors, remove image, remove input, etc. 5%

3. Features that will not be Implemented

Unfortunately we can't implement all features that we dream about, some features we just neet to let it go. Maybe because it's impossible to create or just unnecessary. The list below shows all the features that we honestly think that we might never think about it again.

ID Module Feature Description
26 Bolted Flange Load file from softwares like PVElite, CodeCalc, AutoPipe or Compress Unfortunately I think that it's something almost impossible to do wihtout the help from those software creators and I think that they would never help a competitor implementing such a thing.

4. Features Already Implemented

Yes, that's right, that feature that you was waiting for is just implemented. Oh, it isn't the one that you asked for? I'm sorry. Well, at least we have improved/implemented someting, could be worst, right? Hope you like!

ID Module Feature Description
27 Bolted Flange Material list dropdown in the 'input page' As we created the 'Material Database' (ASME BPVC Section II) it's now possible to load the list in the material list dropdown.
9 Bolted Flange Show the 'input' values in the 'results' page Create a section in the 'results' page to show the 'input' values, so the user don't need to go back to 'input' page to check what values have been used. Put it before the equations/calculation.
35 All Module Show results using 'accordion' style Show results using 'accordion' style just like in the 'input page', because there's too much information to be show to user so, to avoid having to scroll to the end of the page, which can take some time, it would be better using 'accordion', separating the results by section.
38 Bolted Flange Show 'Minimum Required Flange Thickness' in the 'input' page Showing the 'Minimum Required Flange Thickness' in the 'input' page will help avoid going back and foward between 'input' and 'results' page as the user will know the minimum thickness needed before hitting 'calculate'.
7 All Modules Include a 'Save Project' to database option Include a button in the 'input page' to save the information to database, so the user can use it latter. Update 08/06/2020: button 'Save' added in the 'input page'. It'll save all the fields to database and the project will be shown in the 'Projects' page.
40 Material Database Add option to change System of Units of the table in the Material Properties page. For now the Material Properties page only shown the values in the Internation System of Units (mm, kg, MPa, etc), create a button or a select box (drop down list) to allow the user to change the system. Update 10/06/2020: added radio button that change the system of units according to the user choise.
43 Material Database Remove Class/Thickness column from table. The Class/Thickness property has to do with the system of unit so, it doesn't worth put a button to change the unit just for this column. Update 10/06/2020: column removed.
44 Site Create a Forum The forum would be used to communicate with users and get their feedback and suggestion regarding the features.

5. Site Improvements Needed

We don't only work creating 'features', we also work to improve the website (modules included). Maybe you don't even noticed that something was wrong with it, but we do, and we will fix it as soon as we can!

ID Module Improvement Description Priority
28 Site Change side menu item color Change the side menu item color to something different from the logo background color. It would create a distinguish between those two. Low
29 Site Generate icons to be used in the menu The icons should be generated in 'SVG' to keep proportion without losing quality. Low

6. Site Improvement Under Work

The list below shows the list of site improvements that we are currently working on. Those itens came from the Site Improvements Needed list.

ID Module Improvement Description Progress
xx xx xx xx xx

7. Completed Site Improvements

The list below shows all the site improvements that we have done. As you'll see, sometimes is just the color of the menu that changed, or the title font, but you'll notice that it's for the better.

ID Module Improvement Description
30 Site Increase the 'max-width' of the non-calculation pages The 'max-width' of non-calculation pages have been increased from 800px to 1000px.
34 Site Create a 'Support Ticket System' A support ticket system is needed to simplify and organize the bug/error notification by the user. Update #1: we've create the Forum instead (see Announcements for more information)

8. Known Bugs/Errors

Here's a list of the bugs/errors that we know exist. The items in this list have been reported by users or found by ourselves. Fixing those bugs/erros is priority for us.

ID Module Bug/Error Description
31 Bolted Flange When user hit 'back' in the browser in the 'results page', the 'input page' don't automatic load the 'flange type' Due to this bug, the user have to choose again the 'flange type' and he can't choose the same 'flange type' because it's already chosen but didn't load it's information.
32 Bolted Flange Disable field update if user used his own values in the fields If the user choose a material, let's say 'SA-516', then he uses his own values to 'allowable stresses'. If the change the 'design pressure' or 'design temperature', those fields would automaticaly update based in the database values for 'SA-516'. It just erase the user values. Disable it and show a warning message saying that such values was inserted by the user to avoid mistakes.

9. Bugs/Errors Fixed

Finally we fixed the error that was annoying you, right? But we know that no system is free of bugs and errors, so the list below will continue to grow until we reach 'Nirvana'.

ID Module Bug/Error Description
33 Bolted Flange Gasket properties for 'elastomers' (first option from dropdown list) is not loading There was a problem with the database connection. The 'loadGasketProperties()' function was being fired before the gasket material list being fully loaded.
39 Bolted Flange Drawing from Figure 2-4(5) is all messed up (input values) When selecting the Fig. 2-4(5) and click 'calculate' the generated drawing in the 'results' page is all messed up.

10. Changelog

When we think that we have made enough improvements in the application, we update its version. The changelog below is a compilation of the lists: Completed Site Improvements, Features Already Implemented and Bugs/Errors Fixed

ID Module / Improvement Type Description
x xxx xxx xxx