ASME BPVC Section VIII Division 1 Appendix 2

This is the changelog of the current version: 0.0.23a which was released in 29/12/2020.

The list bellow shows all the changes made (features implemented and bugs fixed) since last version. If you want to help us improve the modules, please, post it in our Forum.

Features Implemented

ID Feature Description
5Dynamic flange drawing in the 'input page'Change the flange drawing according to user input (flange inside diameter, flange outside diameter, etc)
61Include 'Documentation' and 'Version' button in the top of pageSuch buttons will help users clear identify where they can find more information about the module. Them it would be a good ideia to remove 'Documentation' link from menu and 'Version and Date' from bellow title.
63Create a dynamic page that shows the last (or all) version changes when clicking in the 'Version' buttonThe version button is in the module page together with the 'Documentation' button. I would be nice to be able to show the changes of versions. Need to be dynamic and not static, otherwise would need too much work. Should be used by all modules (and maybe pages).

Bugs / Errors Fixed

ID Bug Description
10Check if we can keep using the number cells as FLOAT or it may me better to change to DECIMALWhen comparing two floats, it's possible that even though it's the same number, they aren't equal. Example: float1 = 0.123 and float2 = 0.123, float1 != float2. Such a thing doesn't happens with DECIMAL. This settings (type of number) can easily be changed in the database (phpMyAdmin).
13Error when inserted temperature below 100CWhen the user insert temperature below 100C, lets say, 1C, the system can't find the yield stress.
14Lap information are being shown in the results page when it shouldn'tEven though the user didn't choose a lap flange, the information regarding this type of flange are being shown (example: lap outside diameter and lap flange thickness)
16Error of image not found in the results page.What's happening: the system may be calling the function to generate the DOCX more than one time. In the first time it generate the file (it's saved in the temp folder) and the second time it try to generate the file but can't find the image. Try to fix it as soon as possible to avoid to many images being saved in the server.
22Remove 'Lap Outside Diameter' and 'Lap Flange Thickness' (inputs) from results (output) page.Even though the flange selected wasn't a 'Lap Joint' type, the 'Lap' inputs appeared in the results (output) page. Remove it.
23All checkbox's appears as 'yes' in the results page (output) even though it wasn't checked.Check the code to see what is causing such behavior and fix it. Checkbox that appear in the results (output) page: 'useCorrosionAllowance', 'useB1InsteadofB0', 'flangeIsMaterialNormalized' and 'boltIsMaterialNormalized' (these are the 'code' name, not the name that appear in the results page).
24In the 'input' part of the results (output) page, the 'º' symbol doesn't appear before the 'C' or 'F'Check the code and, if needed, change the symbol for HTML/ASCII code.
25In the results (output) page, some equations are showing '&pi' instead of the pi symbol.It was found in the following equations: HP, Wm2 and beta (this one is showing pi() but still wrong).
26Some equations are outputting '$' (dollar symbol) in the equations. Remove it.The following equations are outputting it: hD, BSf, SRa and SRo.
27The input field 'Loose or Integral' is showing in the results (output) page even though the 'Flange Type' isn't 'Optional'.Other point the check is that the flange was an 'Integral' type and the 'Loose or Integral' field was showing it as 'Loose'.
28'Bolt Root Area', in the results (output) page are shown with 3 decimal places, check if it's really needed.Check it is being rounded in the equation file.
29Some 'td/>' is showing in the bolt 'Elastic Modulus' input in the results (output) page. Remove it.Try checking the equation file.
33Parentheses missing in the 'Am' and 'SHo' equation.Put the missing parentheses in the 'Am' and 'SHo' equations. Check the equation file.
34Missing '/2' in the 'Wg' equation in the results (output) page.Insert the missing '/2' in the 'Wg' equation, check equation/calculation file.
35Written 'Componente' instead of 'Component' in the 'MD' equation. Fix it.Just a typo. Check results file to fix it.
36No result are shown for the 'factorSube' in the results (output) page.Try looking in the equation file, it's something to do with the 'class' echoed in the equation.
38In the results (output) page, in the factors table, the 'Z' variable isn't in bold.Set the variable as 'bold' in the results file.
39'STa' equation is missing the title and the result.Check the results or equation file. Maybe there's an 'echo' missing.
40Result didn't shown for the 'alpha_sh' and 'mawp_hta'.It should have a result as the calculation steps was shown. Check equation file.
47Bolt diameter in drawing is different from the one shown in the 'Text Field' (not for every value)While selecting 2" UNC, although the value shown in the 'Bolt Nominal Diameter - BoltND' was 50.8, the drawing shown 15.875. Maybe something to do with the database search type (selected the first one that have "2" in it, like 1/2").