Trying to be updated about our application? Came to the right page!

As I’ve already stated in the first announcement (22/05/2020), this application will be entirely FREE to use. I’m still looking for the best way to license it (MIT, GNU, BSD, AGPL, etc) as I don’t understand it very well (I’m just a mechanical engineer, not an attorney) but, for now, I want to make it only free to use. I don’t intent to open the source code for everyone as I’m pretty sure that someone will take it an commercialize.

By the way, I’m just a mechanical engineer which fell in love with programming and is trying to help those people (specially engineering students) that can’t afford paying more than USD 3.000,00 a year for a software license. If you want to help me in this journey, please, send me an email describing your knowledge/skills. I intent to create many modules from different areas (mechanical engineering, civil engineering, electrical engineering, etc) and will need help to achieve it.

Forum, Project Management and Material Database – 21/06/2020

Here’s the updates of this month (every update announcement will be published between 20-25 of each month):

  • Forum: I’ve created a Forum that only users with active account can access. The Forum will be used as a way to users get in contact with me. Every question and complain must be posted there. I decided to use a Forum instead of a Ticket System because with the Forum every user can search if the problem that he’s having have already been reported and if I’m doing someting about it. In a Ticket System, every report is private, so there’s a lot of duplicated report. Also, the user can use the Forum to request New Features & Modules.
  • Project Management: The Project Management module is around 85% completed. I’ve been giving special attention to this module because I understand how an engineering project works and that it’s composed by many equipment with many parts to be calculated and it’s can be quite difficult to manage it without an automated system. I know that it can be improved but the basic is almost done.
  • Material Database: Other very important module and quite difficult to get it done as there’s so many materials in ASME code (Section II) but, the basic part of the module is completed, now I just have to fill our database with all the information needed from the Code, which can take some time (lets say around 2 months), and it’s done. By the way, for now, I won’t use non-ASME materials in the module. I think that such materials need a module for itself. So, if the user want to use non-ASME material, he need to insert all the data by himself (just Google it and find a reliable source to take the values).

Bolted Flange Design Update – 22/05/2020

Six months have passed and I still didn’t finish the Bolted Flange Design module. As you can see in the Development page there’s a lot of things to be done but I hope to release the alpha version in the end of next month.

Project Started – 19/12/2019

Today I gave the first step toward the design of an application to calculate and manage engineering projects. It’ll be entirely online and the only thing you’ll need is a compatible browser (at first I’ll test only in Chrome as it’s the most used browser in the world).

For now, all our main competitors (I am aware that some minor competitors do generate calculation through browser, but those calculators are quite simples and don’t offer project management as I intent to) design softwares that need to be installed in the user computer. Although such softwares doesn’t need a modern computer to run, it uses complicated ways to be activated and managed

I want to simplify. Want to calculate or access your projects from any computer? Okay, you can do that. Want to do that using your smartphone or tablet? Sure, why not? It’s all in the ‘cloud’. Let our servers do the hard work for you.

This project can take up to three years to be done. That’s why I are planning to release it by modules, with every module (I call module the types of calculation, for example, Lifting Lug Design and Saddle Support Design are two modules) taking from 1 to 2 months to be released, but the first module (Bolted Flange Design) will take a little longer to be done (about 7 months) because it’ll set the ground for the next ones.

Will it be paid? No. It’ll be entirely FREE. Why? Well, why not?