Material Database

ASME BPVC Section VIII Division 1 Appendix 2

This is the list of ASME material available to be used in the projects. The list came from ASME BPVC Section II. Please, see the Documentation page for more information.

Material Name Listing Composition Form UNS Number
SA-1008 CS-A1Carbon SteelSheet
SA-1008 CS-B1Carbon SteelSheet
SA-1010 40112CrPlateS41003
SA-1010 50112CrPlateS41003
SA-106 A1Carbon SteelSeamless PipeK02501
SA-106 B1Carbon SteelSeamless PipeK03006
SA-106 C1Carbon SteelSeamless PipeK03501
SA-135 A1Carbon SteelWelded Pipe
SA-135 B1Carbon SteelWelded Pipe
SA-1051Carbon SteelForgingsK03504
SA-178 A1Carbon SteelWelded TubeK01200
SA-178 C1Carbon SteelWelded TubeK03503
SA-1791Carbon SteelSeamless TubeK01200
SA-1811Carbon SteelForgingsK03502
SA-1812Carbon SteelForgingsK03502
SA-182 F11C-1/2MoForgingsK12822
SA-182 F11111/4Cr-1/2Mo-SiForgingsK11572
SA-182 F11211/4Cr-1/2Mo-SiForgingsK11597